Roman Archaeology Field School

Roman Archaeology Field School

In 2013, we will be offering a field school in Roman archaeology at the site of Zamartze (Navarre, Spain). The main element of the site is a Romanesque church believed to be built on top of an earlier Roman mansio. Excavations during the 2011 and 2012 field season beyond the medieval levels revealed Roman layers (mostly dating to the 3rd  and 4th century AD), including a surface believed to constitute part of a Roman mansio complex. Historical accounts and modern research also point to the possible presence of an important Roman road (Ab Asturica Burdigalam). The goal of the excavation is improving our knowledge of the Roman period in the region and the transition from the Roman times into the Middle Ages.

During the 2013 season, the excavation will focus on the areas both to the north and south of the church and cemetery. The periods covered in the investigation are late Roman Empire to the early Medieval period.

Students will learn excavation methods and other field practice, including trench documentation, photography, recording and drawing techniques. The main component of the project is fieldwork, with participants spending an average of 7-8 hours per day on site. Afternoon lectures will be given on relevant archaeological theory and weekends will be set aside for free time.

Session Dates: June 6-30; July 6-30; August 6-30; September 6-30.

Accommodation: Board and accommodation will be provided in the nearby village of Uharte-Arakil. All necessary facilities are provided and it is located a short walk from the site.

Cost: The cost per session (25 days):

€1750 for ALL sessions

The field school fee includes accommodation,breakfast, lunch and dinner on full work days, tuition, lectures and accident insurance. Plane fare not included.

Application deadline: Until all spaces are filled.

Apply: For further information and to apply to the field school, please contact

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