Aditu Archaeology Field School 2016! Now recruiting!

Join us in the 2016 season to discover the secrets of the Sanctuary of San Miguel in Excelsis, in Navarre (Spain). Our work this year will be a continuation of the excavation of the Medieval cemetery and the structures of the Roman mansio of the related site of Zamartze. After the exciting discoveries of the previous years, including the burials of Jacobean pilgrims and knights in the cemetery, and a Roman road and a destroyed building in the Roman part of the dig, we are trying to find out the origins of the Sanctuary at the top of one of the most sacred mountains of the Basque people.

The Sanctuary is shroud in myth and mystery. It is assumed that in pre-Roman times a Prehistoric sanctuary stood on the top of the mountain. The Romans continued the sacrality of this space, and in Medieval times the present-day sanctuary was built to house the relics of Christ’s cross and the angel protector of the Basque Country.

In 2016 we are going to look for the original structures of the sanctuary to learn about its beginning, as well as exploring the burial grounds to learn more about its inhabitants through the centuries.

We are sure that 2016 will be another incredible year!

Read in the link above, and ask for an application form for the 2016 season at

2 Responses to “Aditu Archaeology Field School 2016! Now recruiting!”
  1. Alma Ruszak says:

    I would like to apply for your field school in 2016.

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