Aditu Internships 2018

We are once again accepting applications to the Aditu Osteology Internship Programme in 2018.

This position is open to anyone that has previously attended the field school, either in San Miguel de Aralar or Zamartze, and is intended for those who wish to obtain further professional experience in the fields of anthropology and archaeology.

The internship includes room, board and accident insurance for the duration of the season (travel to the site is at the intern’s expense), and the candidate will be assigned to a supervisor that will monitor his or her work. The 2018 season will focus on the anthropological analysis of the remains uncovered from both medieval cemeteries, and will primarily be a laboratory-based internship, with the possibility of assisting in the field when required. The excavation will run concurrently with the osteology laboratory programme, and aims to continue uncovering architectural structures found to the north of San Miguel in 2017. As it is yet unknown whether burial levels will be reached this season, the focus will be on processing the remains recovered during the last several years of excavation.

Due to the nature of the internship, we are looking for previous students with a strong osteology background who can work both independently on occasion as well as within the team, and who are comfortable performing bioprofiling (age, sex, stature) of human remains.

Interns will normally carry out a small-scale research project directly related to the site and/or the analyses performed that will be submitted at the end of the programme. 

Please note that we are currently accepting applications for the month of July. Possible positions for August will be advertised and considered at a later date.

To be considered as a candidate you will need to fill out the internship application and attach a letter of intent and CV. Our selection will be based on the candidate’s CV, career and prospects, so let us know how this opportunity is going to help you and how you are preparing for a professional life in archaeology and/or anthropology. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2018.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding this opportunity or to request an application form.

All enquiries should be sent to

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