Aditu Medieval Archaeology Field School

The Aditu Medieval Archaeology Field School ran between 2016 and 2018, as part of a research project investigating the origins of the medieval Sanctuary of San Miguel in Excelsis, at the top of the Aralar mountain in Navarre (Spain).

This research was part of a regional study that started with the associated monastic complex of Santa María de Zamartze in the municipality of Uharte-Arakil and extended into the nearby Sanctuary of San Miguel In Excelsis (both in Navarre, Spain). The main element in Santa María de Zamartze is a 12th century AD Romanesque church built on top of an earlier Roman mansio. Restoration works to the complex in 2005 revealed medieval graves and Roman structures. San Miguel de Aralar includes a church from the 9th century AD and a series of structures from even earlier periods.

Previous excavations at San Miguel de Aralar focused on the exhumation of burials at the cemetery, as well as previously unknown structures associated to the Sanctuary. The project forms part of a larger study of the population in this part of Navarre during the medieval period.


DSC_0713Roman presentationdsc_0054DSC_1233

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