FranFrancisco José Valle de Tarazaga Montero. Co-Director of the excavations at Zamartze and Programme Director for the Roman Archaeology Field School. Fran received his BA and MA in History and then studied archaeology in Britain, including a Master in Applied Landscape Archaeology (University of Oxford, UK). His research fields include the Romanization of the Basque Country, the transition from Roman to the Early Middle Ages, and archaeological geophysics. In over 20 years as an archaeologist, Fran has worked on projects in Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, the Balkans and Israel.


Emma Bonthorne

Emma Bonthorne. Co-Director of the excavations at Zamartze and Programme Director for the Mortuary Archaeology Field School. Completed her Bachelor’s degree in Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, and obtained a Masters in the Recovery and Identification of Human Remains (Bournemouth University, UK). She has previously researched ballistic trauma in remains from the Spanish Civil War, and has carried out excavations in Spain, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Kosovo and East Timor. As part of her current research, Emma is conducting a study of Medieval burial practices, paleopathology and migration in ecclesiastical contexts along the Camino de Santiago.

img-20160727-wa0000Danee Wilson. Assistant Director of the excavations at San Miguel. Danee holds a BA Hons. in Spanish from the University of Calgary, and a BA Hons. and MA in archaeology from the University of Saskatchewan, in Canada. She specialized in the study of human remains, her master’s research focusing on investigating the relationship between bone lead levels and diet for individuals recovered from a colonial naval hospital cemetery in the West Indies. She has excavated graves from the Spanish Civil War and at medieval cemeteries in Spain and Italy.

Oihan Mendo Goñi. Instructor on the Roman Archaeology Field School. Oihan received his Bachelor’s degree in History from the Universidad del País Vasco (Basque Country University) and went on to obtain a Masters in Classical Archaeology with a focus on Roman archaeology. Oihan specialises in the study of Roman roads in the Ebro Valley, and has worked extensively on excavations in Spain and Italy, including Ampurias (Catalonia), Iruña-Veleia (Álava), Tusculum (Italy), Mariturri (Álava), La Atalaya (Navarra) and Las Eras de San Martín (La Rioja).



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