Aditu Archaeology Field School 2017! Now recruiting!


Join us in the 2017 season to discover the secrets of the Sanctuary of San Miguel in Excelsis, in Navarre (Spain). Our work this year will be a continuation of the excavation of the medieval cemetery at San Miguel. After the exciting discoveries of the previous years at the associated archaeological site of Zamartze, including the burials of Jacobean pilgrims and knights, and a Roman road and a destroyed building in the Roman part of the dig, we are trying to find out the origins of the Sanctuary at the top of one of the most sacred mountains of the Basque people.

The Sanctuary is shrouded in myth and mystery. It is assumed that in pre-Roman times a prehistoric sanctuary stood on the top of the mountain. The Romans continued its use as a sacred space, and in medieval times the present-day sanctuary was built to house the relics of Christ’s cross and the angel protector of the Basque Country.

Our first season of excavations at San Miguel brought to light evidence of violent conflict.  What will we find in 2017?

We are sure that 2017 will be another incredible year!

Read in the link above, and ask for an application form for the 2017 season at

17 Responses to “Aditu Archaeology Field School 2017! Now recruiting!”
  1. Tessa Blaikie says:

    I live in the UK and I am currently taking a year out inbetween alevels and university. I was wondering if I would be eligible to go on this course, how much it would cost and what dates the field school is from and to.

  2. Lucy says:

    Please send me an email with dates and requirements

  3. Mikaela Mills says:

    Hello, I am a junior undergraduate student studying archaeology in the U.S. looking for a field school for the first time. Would this opportunity be appropriate for a beginner just starting out? Also, additional information about costs, dates, and requirements would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Hannah Dorsey says:

    I am interested in this program and would love some more information! Thanks!

  5. Lainey Goodin says:

    My name is Lainey Goodin and I recently graduated from the University of Memphis. I am taking a year off before going back for my Masters. I am interested in pursuing this field further and was wondering if I could get some information about this field school.

  6. William Crim says:

    Hello! I would be very interested in attending your field school, and would appreciate more information concerning requirements and logistics. Thank you!

  7. Savanna Moore says:

    My name is Savanna Moore and I will be graduating from Troy University in May. I am hoping to gain more archaeological field experience before pursuing a graduate degree. I would love to know if I am eligible for this program and to receive more information on the program if I am. Thank you!

  8. Sarah Knox says:

    I’m a student in the US and I’d love more information on this field school (the dates, costs, etc.)


  9. Emily Dunn says:

    Hi! Is this graduate level? I have a BA in anthropology and am getting my MA in human osteology, can you send me some more info? Thanks!

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